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Brian Small Appointed to Lead Manufacturing Recruiters

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GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, USA – August 17, 2015 – Dave Nerz, president of NPAworldwide recently announced that Brian Small, of Prime Management Group (Kitchener, Ontario), has been appointed to lead the Manufacturing / Mining / Construction / Supply Chain trading group within NPAworldwide. NPAworldwide is a member-owned, global recruiting network that brings independent recruiting firms [...]

Tips for Working With Recruiters

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Tips For Working With Recruiters What should I expect from my third party recruiter who is working with our organization on a “contingency basis”?  There is a fundamental difference in terms of “scope of work” when you consider engaging a recruiter on a “contingency” versus “retained” basis.  If you have chosen to “retain” a recruiter, [...]

How well do you Prepare for an Interview?

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You’ve awakened and it’s the day you have your first interview with a company you have dreamed of joining for a number of years. Are you ready to have a stellar interview that will bring you to the next level of your career?  Can you look in the mirror and honestly say “I am prepared”? [...]


How Do I Know When I’m Ready to Make a Career Move?

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F.E.A.R. (False Expectations Appearing Real) can be a big deterrent when it comes to self-career management.  It is never easy to deal with change and it is particularly stressful when it comes to your career.  Many people put so much pressure on themselves to have everything “absolutely in order” before they make up their minds [...]

Help! Is my co-worker helping or hindering?

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What to do when a co-worker is making suggestions for you and your career?


Can you help my Son/Daughter?

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Many times, we are approached by the parents of recent grads and asked if we can assist them.  Too often we have found that the parents really want us to re-affirm what they have been telling their son or daughter all along.  While that type of career coaching might seem the right thing to do [...]

We are thinking about using a professional recruitment firm… what questions should I be asking?

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There are so many options when it comes to recruiting.  Many organizations are really good at utilizing on line resources to attract qualified candidates.  They are particularly good at crafting awesome postings which appear to drive traffic to their website.  The only problem is… they are still not finding the “right” candidate for their openings. [...]

Help… I just received a counter-offer!

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This happens all too often to candidates who are moving to a new career opportunity.  Here’s why it happens.  First of all, employers are not good at keeping the lines of communication open with their existing employees.  Without specific conversations concerning an employee’s career options, people are left to tell the story on their own.  [...]

I wasn’t looking for a career change but got a call from a recruiter…

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If you are good at what you do… expect to get calls from recruiters.  When you do get calls, here’s what you should expect. The recruiter should be very professional and identify themselves as a recruiter.  They should not be on the phone “selling you” anything.  However, they should be taking the time to find [...]

Should we hire internally or recruit externally?

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Many of our clients have been asking this question. Let’s examine the benefits of either option. First of all, if you are hiring from within, it sends a message to your employees that your organization is serious about career planning and succession. It shows you value the investment the employee has made in their career [...]