It’s Lonely at the Top

As a Senior Manager in your company, do you ever feel that way? Do you find that you are often putting more hours in and receiving less job satisfaction? Well you are not alone! Recent surveys show that Senior Managers suffer from feelings of isolation because of the extreme pressure they are under. Never before have we seen such uncertainty. While you may possess all the hard and soft skills necessary for being a good leader, you may feel pulled in a number of different directions. How do you cope?

First of all, the fact that you have recognized these feelings is a good thing. You can’t fix a problem unless you can identify it! Secondly, don’t be afraid to confide in a trusted colleague. Chances are, they have experienced the same feelings you are having. Talking about the problem can be a vehicle to open up ideas for ways to cope. Thirdly, don’t let your values clash with what is being asked of you at your organization. Easier said than done! However, there are many, many companies and organizations who still have the good old fashion values of integrity, honesty and respect.

One of our clients recently shared that they would sooner hire team members who possess integrity, honesty and respect for others over another candidate who possessed all the talent in the world. They look for hardworking, dedicated people with track records in developing others around them. Non-selfish, well balanced individuals thrive in their environment.

There is one thing for sure – working 70 hours a week will do nothing for your home life! Something always suffers when you choose to ignore it! If you are a good leader, you will lead by example and demonstrate well rounded attributes of a balanced, productive individual. Sprinting is fine but watch out for the long term effects of neglecting or taking for granted. Pay attention to your health. Talk to other senior managers and remember to delegate.

Hiring the right people and delegating to competent individuals has never caused an organization to suffer!