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You need to hire a recruiter? Questions you need to ask!

Recruiting excellent talent is becoming more and more challenging.  Choosing a professional recruiter can sometimes be a challenge as well. For those of you who are uncertain about using a third party recruiter here are some questions you may want to ask: 1) What do you know about the industry, my business and the people […]

What does your “on-line presence” say about you?

One of the most over looked factors of email is your email address?  What does it say about you if you are looking for a career move?  If you are not sure, have someone you respect look at your email address and give you their honest feedback? Here’s a useful link for folks who are […]

I want to leave my current job!

We get asked this all the time.  “how do I go about searching for a job, when I have one already?”This week, I spoke with a couple of candidates who approached me confidentially to discuss a possible career move.  Note – I said “career move”  vs  “job”.  So many people go through life dissatisfied with […]

It’s Lonely at the Top

As a Senior Manager in your company, do you ever feel that way? Do you find that you are often putting more hours in and receiving less job satisfaction? Well you are not alone! Recent surveys show that Senior Managers suffer from feelings of isolation because of the extreme pressure they are under. Never before […]