Prime Management Group Inc. is a global leader in Executive Search and Recruitment for management and non-management positions in the private and public sectors. As a member of NPA Worldwide we have more than 400 partner offices to access talent, locate candidates, facilitate interviews and ensure seamless relocation.

We specialize in the placement of professionals for management and non-management positions in fields such as:

  • technology
  • alternative energy
  • consumer packaged goods and products
  • manufacturing
  • public institutions, not-for-profit-associations and organizations
  • health care
  • natural resources
  • sales supply chain
  • human resources
  • accounting and finance
  • engineering

Throughout the recruitment process our consultants maintain close contact with clients and candidates. Our integrated approach to recruitment services combines the best in people, technology, insight and market knowledge.

  1. We analyze the client’s needs, ascertain the job description, determine the work disciplines, understand organizational relationships and define required experience and professional and personal characteristics
  2. Potential candidates are sourced for consideration through computerized file searches, advertising, referrals and direct recruitment.
  3. Prospects are called to explore and assess their interest and the client is provided with market intelligence
  4. Likely prospects are interviewed by a consultant who evaluates each on the basis of skills, abilities and fit with the organization
  5. Information regarding the top three to five candidates is presented for review
  6. After each interview, the consultant contacts the client to assess strengths, weaknesses, incompatibilities and recommend future action
  7. Once clients selects a final candidate, individuals who can provide insights about the candidate’s qualifications are contacted. A report detailing the collective insights is then reviewed by the client
  8. Our consultants then work with the clients and the successful candidate to negotiate the offer
  9. Successful candidates are supported in professionally providing notice to current employer
  10. Once the recruitment process is complete, Prime Management Group maintains continued contact with both clients and candidates to ensure continued success.

Our Methodology

All Prime Management Group Inc., searches utilize unique and customized methodology. Each search focuses on two key components: Technical Skills Set and Chemistry. Through visits and/or discussions with stakeholders and decision-makers, we gain valuable insights into corporate culture, chemistry and fit. We then:

  • Apply the criteria of technical skill set and chemistry to the candidate search
  • Evaluate targeted candidates in a telephone and/or personal meeting to verify qualifications, to understand their preferences, style and future aspirations and to develop a “best case” list
  • Conduct thorough behaviour-based interviewing and extensive referencing on each candidate.
  • Under normal circumstances, provide three well-qualified candidates who explicitly meet all of the critical areas of concern, while addressing the unique characteristics of the hiring client with their own styles of interaction and management.